Sunday, November 1, 2009

Air Supply in Concert

I have heard from my sister that Air Supply is coming to Gensan City. They will have a concert on October 2, 2009. So, I decided to joined the contest to win a free concert ticket. Below is my contest entry.

When I was young, I always dream of a fairy tale of my own but I realized that not all love stories have a happy ending! I remember When I was still working as a radio disc jockey, I used to play the music of Air Supply. I love most is the Power of Love.

But things has changed when I got married and two weeks after the wedding he left and nowhere to be found. I was so lost that I don't know what to do. I was thinking of the song ALL OUT OF LOVE when I found out where he was. But few years later, I found out that he already had kids with someone else. That is the time I finally decided to move on my own.

I thought, I can do things right when I compromise with the person. But seems like things doesn't come my way. I carried all the pain for 5 years and I was thinking that the only way to kill the pain of being a woman is to become a beast.

I was a little surprised when I my sister told me that Sir Avel of GenSan News Online Mag is hosting a big contest about What Air Supply Song Are You? Blog Contest and actually, today is the deadline. One thing for sure my favorite Grab A Crab Restaurant is one of the major sponsor. The Air Supply Concert in Gensan will be on October 2, 2009. I am hoping to witness this big event because after I broke up with my 2 weeks husband I stop listening to radio's and I am even afraid of microphone. I wish to bring back the good memories I have with the Air Supply songs. To feel love and be inlove again.

I would like to grab this opportunity to say thank you to the sponsors. The Air Supply in GenSan Concert is a major production of Dreamwork Ventures Inc.’s Platinum Concert Series 2009. Together with the City Government of Gensan, GenSan City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, ABS-CBN, O MISO Hardware, San Miguel Corporation, Coca Cola Bottlers, East Asia Royale Hotel, Coffee Dream, Giacominos, NY Fries and DIps, Gaisano Gensan and Georgia Printing Press.